Bitcoin Surge was developed by the same team who worked on a number of existing robot algorithms, including Bitcoin Prime and Bitcoin Era. 

The goal in redeveloping the algorithm was to take the lessons learnt from the older algorithmic traders, especially in relation to predicting market swings based on the wider market context. For example, whereas existing algorithms might have focused on crypto volatility, Bitcoin Surge also monitors the key stock exchanges: FTSE, Nasdaq, Tokyo Stock Exchange, NYSE, London Stock Exchange and the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

This is because contrary to some years back, the reality is that the price of crypto, especially bitcoin, is more closely pegged to the global stock markets that it had been. For this reason, a lot of analysts now say that Bitcoin is not in fact decentralised, or at least, not as decentralised as had been previously thought.

The algorithm is therefore safer in that it takes should understand big price changes or market changes and act accordingly to protect existing investments.

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Bitcoin Surge

We launched Bitcoin Surge to offer more of a balance between traditional stock investments and crypto investments, to let people balance their portfolios depending on the market. 

This means it is super flexible and you can choose a balance of countries, coins and investments.

The platform also has adopted features that advanced traders use, like stop losses and buy orders, and made it easy for beginner traders to use these. Stop Losses can be really helpful if you aren’t 100% sure about a particular stock or coin, as you can hedge your risk by instructing the algorithm to sell at certain points. Let’s say for example you buy some ethereum or apple stocks, but you don’t want to risk anything more than a 10% loss. The software will automatically sell your assets in case it looks like the market will downtrend.

This is a manual override which gives you more control. You can of course leave it to the algorithm, which is the option that 87% of traders take, but as you study and learn about the market these features can come in handy.


Who are the people behind Bitcoin Surge?

The team has now ‘surged’ (forgive the pun!) from the initial core developer team to 57 people in 2022.

Our combined experience of over 150 years working in both traditional finance and for a range of exchanges put us in the best position to make user friendly products that work. The original developer team had developers with a range of academic backgrounds who had developed trading products for big banks and accountancy firms.

We also hav experience traders and crypto enthusiasts, people who  have worked with crypto since 2013 and have made seriously huge returns on simple investments.

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